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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Jul21 16:29 tropo has been slowly burning off here. JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 16:27 Same with the tropo map. I am not getting anything here despite the big red blob right on top of me. - En35 (
Jul21 16:25 Crazy, with that map and no Es here in FM or Low Band. Not a peep all morning. Craig EL98 (
Jul21 16:24 I do not like the cone of shame. SQUIRREL! - En35 (
Jul21 16:10 Reviewed this mornings unattended recording on 92.7. I had "The Bull" Las Vegas NM in for several minutes- around the 10-11am edt hour. Tim EM86 (
Jul21 16:08 Plus I like to learn the new calls/slogans; it might come in handy for future DX (depsite Michigan being in a tough location to log from Nebraska) - Matt EN21 (
Jul21 16:01 [14:10] Yes, please. Most of the old school stations have changed callsigns since I last heard them. WSRW and WOOD, I still think of as WOOD and WMUS respectively--Frank M. (
Jul21 15:59 Nothing here. Sad day - En35 (
Jul21 15:53 The Great Es Opening of July 21, 2017 is now over--Frank M. (
Jul21 15:48 Tr paths to the west all of a sudden just took a huge nosedive JJ in EN82 (
Jul21 15:45 Tr WAJI 95.1 Ft Wayne with Rihanna over semi-local CKUE, good sig just shy of RDS, ~143mi JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 15:40 Tr WNDV 92.9 U-93 South Bend, IN 12kw, ~165mi JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 15:28 [14:39, 14:49] +1. Just saw the map Tim, thought the same. Only ~20 minutes of Es here this month...we are due! // Lee VA (
Jul21 15:27 Let the Es party begin! 🎉 Tim EM86 (
Jul21 15:24 Es 6 Meters DM34 AZ=> DN62 WY strong beacon de Art ka5dwi/7 (
Jul21 15:13 Es 55.240 (weak), 60.310 - Is red a nice color? :-) Nothing higher though - SA GT node EL09sp (Finndx) (
Jul21 14:49 Tr 94.5 Nash FM Grand Rapids mixing with the Moose Saginaw - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:49 Tim I want skip too. I have not had any since June 25th. Rob Cincinnati EM79 (
Jul21 14:39 blue is cool but redder is better! come on Es!! It's the most active looking map in many days! Tim EM86 (
Jul21 14:34 Tr 96.1 WMAX ESPN Radio Grand Rapids area - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:29 Tr 92.5 WFDX Atlanta (MI) in again with Fastball and stream match into jingle - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:24 Tr 91.1 hard rock trying to come in under WFUM - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:21 Tr 107.9 WMUS Muskegon with Lauren Alaina and stream match - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:17 (14:15) I'm guessing that 107.3 is WRSW Warsaw, IN, but I can't get their stream to pull up - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:15 Tr 107.3 with Steely Dan "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:14 Tr 106.5 Big 106.5 Dayton with Beatles and stream match mixing with Kalamazoo FM106.5 - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:10 I would encourage you to include geographic information with your logs and not just the calls, for the benefit of others who don't recognize where the stations are. - Matt EN21 (
Jul21 14:04 Tr 100.5 CBC news, so London - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:03 (14:02) I thought it was JQ99 at first - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 14:02 Tr 99.3 WBET with local ad for Kool Chevrolet in Sturgis. I thought it (
Jul21 14:00 Tr 103.9 WXRD ToH ID New Log - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:57 Tr 98.5 WNWN country music - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:56 Tr WTMX Chicago over local xlator - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:55 Tr 101.7 Muskegon and Fremont ads - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:52 I doubt FLR is off air, CKSY eats it up with any hint of tropo JJ in EN82 / Pontiac, MI (
Jul21 13:50 Tr 95.9 CFPL vs. CJWF - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:48 (13:48) Your religious talk is likely WSJP - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (
Jul21 13:48 from the looks of the spots map somebody should be getting Es any time. Tim EM86 (
Jul21 13:48 Tr 100.1 3 deep with country and religious talk. - JVL DXer (
Jul21 13:47 Tr 95.3 with Lorde "Royals". Likely WCFX - Christian EN82 Ypsilanti, MI (

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