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Date  utc    Message                                  Server
Nov18 03:08 107.9 FM for WDSY.. (
Nov18 03:07 [20:43] too bad that 101.1 is taken in this area... i'd be trying that frequency- fn02 (
Nov18 03:07 Tr WDSY-FM Pittsburgh PA, ~175 miles, Joshua FN02 (
Nov18 00:42 [19:46] Thought this was a new addition to my logbook today, but it turns out that I logged KFDI from here in May 2014. Only new logging today amidst all the Midwestern tropo excitement was a translator in Columbus, NE, K257FK 99.3 -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Nov17 21:59 [13:56] might be my first Digital MS TV DX ? EM58 S. IL (
Nov17 21:58 [13:56] anybody want to weigh in on my post? Did anyone catch an ES spike this morning? EM58 S. IL (
Nov17 21:56 Tr WUPX-21 @ 290 miles still lingering EM58 S. IL (
Nov17 19:46 101.3 KFDI Wichita, KS at 1700 UTC w/legal ID and news stories that mentioned 2 tiger cubs being born at the Sedgwick County Zoo and fracking-created earthquakes happening in northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas -- Rick in South Omaha EN21af (
Nov17 17:48 Tr 98.3 KBOC Bridgeport TX, 540 miles. - Matt EN21 (
Nov17 17:45 [17:11] Nice catch Matt. hopefully you will receive more before the Tropo burns off. - amfmtvdtvbrla EM40 (
Nov17 17:11 Tr 106.7 La Ranchera Muenster TX! That's close to 600 miles! - Matt EN21 (
Nov17 14:08 Tr WELF-DT 16 Dalton GA. back in 317 mi. EM58 S. IL (
Nov17 13:57 Tr WSES-33 352 miles (new) EM58 S. IL (
Nov17 13:56 Es ? Ms ? KHME-DT 2 837 miles via autologger at 06:54 this morning via autologger EM58 S. IL (
Nov17 09:08 wuxb ch 30 nashville tenn into en80bl ohio (
Nov17 06:43 wtvf ch 5 nashville tenn into en80bl ohio (
Nov17 03:54 Tr WBRC-DT 50 362 mi. into EM58 S. IL (
Nov17 00:56 98.1 The Fox is rock solid here in Springfield, VA z...Doe not match up with any station I can find in FCC database. 73, N4VA (
Nov16 16:50 Nothing resembling Es in EL96, but thanx Art for the heads up./cd (
Nov16 15:06 I will in here from time to time (travels). Miss the reports. Jealous for not being in Tropo-Land 73 Art dwi/7 (
Nov16 15:04 Enjoy. This was all to help me DX on 2-Meter SSB de ka5dwi/7 (
Nov16 15:04 Hi all. I just posted on my Blog the fun I had this Spring & Summer DXing FM on the RTL-SDR de dwi/7 (
Nov16 15:02 Please send west :) (
Nov16 15:02 Getting reports of FMBC Es along the East Coast. Also 28 & 50 MHz Es reported there too. de ka5dwi/7 Art DM34 (
Nov15 22:17 as I have a google news-alert for "pbs world" it says Milwaukee PBS channels are moving January 8. Chime in Sherman Oaks (
Nov15 18:43 [16:54] WKRG was on ch 27 not 5 from Mobile, AL oops EM58 S. IL (
Nov15 18:26 FM antenna is back up, and joy of joys, a pirate on 106.5....phffft./cdEL96 (
Nov15 16:54 Tr Best catch overnight seems to have been WKRG-5 at 539 miles on my south antenna EM58 S. IL (
Nov15 07:21 Time to get some sleep so check my logger for further updates tonight EM58 S. IL (
Nov15 07:20 Tr WBXX-DT 20 has been in all day at 300 mi. so this is all same event South to NE EM58 S. IL (
Nov15 07:17 Tr WDTN-DT 50 along with indy and Cincy O into S. IL EM58 (
Nov14 20:56 I spent about 3.3 hours putting both my antennas back up today. Somehow the TV antenna isn't working properly, and I may need either new cables or new antenna altogether./cdEL96 (
Nov14 20:43 101.1 in Pittsburgh ... 1550 in Towanda Pa is promoting a new Jazz FM on 101.1 in Pittsburgh, set to come on-air in next few weeks. Saul ON (
Nov14 05:07 Tr WAKA Selma, AL 451 mi. EM58 S. IL (
Nov14 04:59 Tr WAFF, WZDX Huntsville, AL also in EM58 S. IL (
Nov14 04:58 Tr WIAT, WBRC Birmingham AL into EM58 S. IL (
Nov14 04:58 Tr WELF-DT Dalton, GA 317 mi. EM58 S. IL (
Nov14 02:27 Tr KARD DT 36 474 miles into EM58 S. IL (
Nov13 23:47 Tr WLOV-DT 16 West Point MS. 321 mi. EM58 S.IL (
Nov13 23:31 Tr KLRT-30 Little Rock AR 319 mi. EM58 S. IL (

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