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Date  utc     Message                                  Server
Oct26 01:43 KE5JXC EL39, W5AAC EM10, W3XO/5 EM00, K1IEB EM10, W5FH EL29, KE5JXC EL39 W3XO/5 EM00, K5AND EM00, KE5Q EM13 222 ACTIVITY NIGHT DE K5IM(74-114-192-109.iguananet.com
Oct24 12:30 Tks W4VAS for nice chat this AM! 144.225 MHz de KA2KQM em73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com
Oct23 22:51 QSO with W5FH on 144.200 running 15 watts into a 13B2 at 60 feet. de N5LW, EM25. (192-169-28-246.dsl.beggstelco.net
Oct23 00:52 LISTENING 144.200 EM60 W6AOA(ip72-216-63-212.pn.at.cox.net
Oct23 00:50 W6AOA EM60 LISTENING 144.200 (ip72-216-63-212.pn.at.cox.net
Oct19 12:32 Tks W3CP for 144.200 MHz QSO this AM. Welcome to two meters in the North GA Area. de KA2KQM EM73 (machine76.Level3.com
Oct18 13:04 Tks Kc4JD for QSO on 144.200 while I was mobile this AM. de KA2KQM EM73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com
Oct17 14:35 N0YK/B DM98 284 MI 559 MOVING THE NEEDLE REAL STRONG AGIN THIS MORNING KA0JGH EN10ps (h66.131.23.98.static.ip.windstream.net
Oct16 13:53 N0IRS EM29 was 5x9 on 144.200 with his stacked loops. 350 mile path. Nice sig, JD! N0YK DM98 KS(205.sub-70-195-5.myvzw.com
Oct16 13:03 N0YK/B DM98 284 MI 559 VERY STRONG KA0JGH EN10ps (h6.133.190.173.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Oct16 12:49 K5SW and W5VTM both EM25 are 5x5 on 144.200 N0YK DM98 KS(19.sub-70-195-6.myvzw.com
Oct15 13:35 N0YK DM98 5 x 5 144.200 N0IRS EM29se(cpe-75-81-1-117.kc.res.rr.com
Oct13 23:33 W0VB EN34 59A > WA3LTB EN92......... AU now..... (cpe-107-9-166-72.neo.res.rr.com
Oct13 12:52 The Big Red Blod Today was a Facade! :-( wa1rks :-( (p-69-195-58-162.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net
Oct12 15:44 Good tropo again today to the NE and wa1zms/b fm07144285 been in for hrs now...kd4esv el87 (173-168-96-106.res.bhn.net
Oct12 12:33 ESV and TWX think I heard you this AM at 0640 AM when I was coming off the mountain in EM74 de KA2KQM (machine76.Level3.com
Oct12 04:35 Best trop opening on 2016 tonight...Worked a bunch on 2 meter fn31 and a couple on 70cm...Nothing new but best in many years here...Thanks all kd4esv el87 (173-168-96-106.res.bhn.net
Oct11 12:23 Tks W4GA and W4VAS for 144.225 MHz QSO's on way to work this AM. de KA2KQM EM73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com
Oct10 12:12 Tks K4XR, W4GA and W4VAS for nice chat on way to work this AM. 144.200 and 144.225 MHz de KA2KQM EM73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com
Sep30 03:00 Waste Meats (ool-944aecaa.dyn.optonline.net
Sep27 12:23 Tks W4VAS for chat on 144.200 and .225 while mobile to work this AM. de KA2KQM EM73 (machine76.Level3.com
Sep22 12:25 Tks W4GA and KC4JD for QSO's 144.200 on the way to work this AM. de KA2KQM EM73 (machine76.Level3.com
Sep21 12:45 tks QSO's this AM while mobile to work. W4VAS 144.225 and W4AMP 144.200 de KA2KQM EM73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com
Sep21 00:01 correction typo wd4mgb/4(cache-mtc-ae11.proxy.aol.com
Sep20 23:57 late rpt wa4njp em84 into el99 Ga net at 0005z 9-20-16 57 qd4mgb/4(cache-mtc-ae11.proxy.aol.com
Sep20 15:23 KCCF (EN32) wkd .200 de NJK (em28) tropo (
Sep19 13:53 de KB0ZOM (h245.210.29.71.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Sep19 13:53 stopped, listening .200 (h245.210.29.71.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Sep19 13:30 CQ CQ CQ SW 144.200 de KB0ZOM (h245.210.29.71.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Sep19 12:54 Tks K4XR, W4VAS and W4GA for chat this AM on 144.200 and 144.225 de KA2KQM EM73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com

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