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Date  utc     Message                                  Server
Sep27 12:23 Tks W4VAS for chat on 144.200 and .225 while mobile to work this AM. de KA2KQM EM73 (machine76.Level3.com
Sep22 12:25 Tks W4GA and KC4JD for QSO's 144.200 on the way to work this AM. de KA2KQM EM73 (machine76.Level3.com
Sep21 12:45 tks QSO's this AM while mobile to work. W4VAS 144.225 and W4AMP 144.200 de KA2KQM EM73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com
Sep21 00:01 correction typo wd4mgb/4(cache-mtc-ae11.proxy.aol.com
Sep20 23:57 late rpt wa4njp em84 into el99 Ga net at 0005z 9-20-16 57 qd4mgb/4(cache-mtc-ae11.proxy.aol.com
Sep20 15:23 KCCF (EN32) wkd .200 de NJK (em28) tropo (
Sep19 13:53 de KB0ZOM (h245.210.29.71.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Sep19 13:53 stopped, listening .200 (h245.210.29.71.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Sep19 13:30 CQ CQ CQ SW 144.200 de KB0ZOM (h245.210.29.71.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Sep19 12:54 Tks K4XR, W4VAS and W4GA for chat this AM on 144.200 and 144.225 de KA2KQM EM73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com
Sep13 03:29 N5LW EM25 N.E. O, worked K8TQK EM89 Ohio on 144.200 USB at 02:49 (192-169-28-246.dsl.beggstelco.net
Sep12 14:39 k0ron em29 cq .200 tropo (
Sep12 03:24 W4NH (em85) wkd 144.205 NJK em28 tropo (
Sep07 12:22 Tnx nice chat this AM Vic on 144.225 W4VAS de KA2MQM EM73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com
Sep05 17:12 text test1234 (c-75-64-109-217.hsd1.tn.comcast.net
Sep05 15:08 CQ stop (h106.53.19.98.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Sep05 15:00 CQ SW 144.200 de KB0ZOM EN00 (h106.53.19.98.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Sep03 14:48 test post (c-75-64-109-217.hsd1.tn.comcast.net
Aug30 12:39 Tks W4VAS, W4GA and KC4JD for nice chat this AM! 144.225 MHz de KA2KQM em73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com
Aug25 12:56 Tks Al, K4CKS for nice chat on 144.225 MHz this am de KA2KQM EM73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com
Aug24 12:20 Tks W4IMD, KC4JD and K4CKS for QSO's while mobile this AM on 144.200. 73 all. de KA2KQM EM73 at work. (machine76.Level3.com
Aug23 12:01 Tropo to the north from EM73...WB9LYH, WD9BGA over 750 miles KX4R EM73LW(
Aug16 12:49 Thanks K4ERO and W4VAS for 144.200 MHz QSO's while driving to work this AM! de KA2KQM EM73 (machine76.Level3.com
Aug16 00:08 wa4njp em84 s-3 .210 n4tut el98gp..N. Ga. Net (72-188-215-61.res.bhn.net
Aug14 18:53 APRS full o' skip Midwest and Intermountain West - time to think about CQing for Es > Yakima CN96 (71-84-190-117.dhcp.mdfd.or.charter.com
Aug14 12:47 N0YK/B DM98 229 284 MI N0LL/B EM09 339 152 MI WEAK BAND ALROUND KA0JGH EN10ps (h24.163.190.173.dynamic.ip.windstream.net
Aug12 17:19 Calling CQ on 144.200 pointed south from CN86 de W0MUD. (71-8-162-109.dhcp.knwc.wa.charter.com
Aug12 04:26 will be calling on 144.200 even at 0800utc........de N6RPM DM04ua (cpe-172-112-65-96.socal.res.rr.com
Aug12 04:26 anyone want to try 144mhz ssb sked for Perseids......N6RPM DM04ua (cpe-172-112-65-96.socal.res.rr.com
Aug12 04:15 cq scatter 144.200 em29 k0ron(

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